Have your own story to tell?  Or, a hot how to tip to offer our readers?  Would you like to see your motorcycle in The Biker’s Garage “Featured Bike” section?  If you do, consider becoming a contributor on The Biker’s Garage.  As much as I love motorcycles, I can’t possibly create all of the content this magazine requires to keep our readers informed on the latest products, trends and techniques out there in the motorcycle world, so, we welcome your contribution.  You might be saying, “I’d like to, but I can’t write.”  I does not matter, if you can get your point across with the details of your project or build, it can be cleaned up to make it work.

How do you contribute?  Well, there are three ways, make a comment on an existing post, (encouraged) submit an article and images to us, or, become a guest contributor and post directly on the site.  If you have a video posted on YouTube it can be embedded in The Biker’s Garage, it would be great to see it!.

In any contribution you might make there are rules as to content, and here they are.

  1. If you are making a comment on a post, the comment must be on topic, off topic comments will not be approved.
  2. Comments with links to sites such as Craig’s List, Ebay, or similar sites with items for sale will not be approved.  The same goes for spam links, that will earn you an immediate blacklist on the site.
  3. Since our articles are in English, we ask that you post your comments in English, comments posted in any other language will not be approved.
  4. The content must be yours, it cannot be copied from any other source, you can link to another source as a reference, but that’s it, we don’t want someone to say we snagged their content without permission, it’s a violation of their copyright.
  5. No profanity, due to the public nature of the magazine, a PG, or NC-17 rating is what we are shooting for.
  6. Photographs should be clear and of reasonable quality, being in focus is a good thing, the same goes for video.  It’s understood that you might be shooting in your garage, or the parts you are shooting are on the kitchen table, (done that) just do the best you can.  The acceptable minimum size for horizontal images is 1,000 pixels width @ 72dpi, minimum width for vertical images is 600 pixels @ 72dpi.  Images should be yours, or we will need a release from the photographer, professional, or not.

And that’s the rules, I’m sure at some point there might be an addition, but for now that’s it.

What’s the payoff for contributing to The Biker’s Garage?  Well, the benefits grow with your level of contribution, if you are commenting on a post, there is the enjoyment of being part of the conversation, also, if you have a website, your comment shows a link to your site.  For submitted work you get full credit and links to your site if you have one.  Our guest contributors get even more with their own page and targeted links to their site.

So, are you ready to contribute?  Want to submit your bike?  Or an article?  Maybe become a guest contributor?  Great!  Reach me at our contact page and we can get started!

Terry Cavender, Editor