Solving The Victory Saddlebag Problem

Occasionally motorcycle manufacturers build bikes with minor defects in design that they are slow to, or in some cases, never correct.  Sometimes it is left up to aftermarket manufacturers, or the motorcycle owners themselves to solve the problem.  A case in point is the current issue with the Victory Cross Roads/Cross Country right hand saddlebag … More Solving The Victory Saddlebag Problem

How To: Replacing A Throttle Position Sensor

In our last “Diagnosing a Bad TPS” we discovered  a faulty throttle position sensor on a 2012 Victory Cross Country.  In this article we will cover the steps taken to replace the TPS with a new one.  Of course the steps shown here are specific to this model, but, they should be similar on your motorcycle.  Anyone that … More How To: Replacing A Throttle Position Sensor