About The Editor

Self Portrait B&W Image
Self portrait after a ride, feet up, having a beer.

My name is Terry Cavender, I have been a motorcycle rider for well over forty years, motorcycles have been a consuming passion for all that time.  Not a day passes that I am not doing something that relates to motorcycles, I’m out riding, or reading about them, talking with someone about them, or in the garage working on them, I love motorcycles.  Back in the day, when I had just started riding, there was a saying going around, “We eat, sleep, breathe, motorcycles.”  That would pretty much describe my  life and motorcycles, that’s why it’s the tag line of the magazine.

Early on, mostly because I was short on funds, (broke) I started working on my own bikes, at first it didn’t go well, my first repair on a Honda 50 had engine parts left over after I was done. (Give me a break I was fourteen!)  Fortunately I got better over time, learning the processes of wrench work, sometimes I had good teachers, other times I was just blundering my way along.  Over the years I went from being a so, so, mechanic, to being a so, so mechanic with more tools!  Just kidding!  I still don’t have THAT many tools!  All kidding aside, I did learn and get better, I even eventually got to the point where I was building my own customized bikes.  I know what it feels like to bust a knuckle, strip a bolt, have something fall off your bike, and kick your self a dozen times over mistakes.  But, I also know when someone asks about your bike, how good it feels to say “I did it myself.”