The Rattler Short Film

I love this….  short film?  Or is it a video?  Whatever this thing is, it’s by filmmaker Paolo Asuncion.  I would have never thought it possible to distill the experience and classic blunders of a first time build into fifteen minutes of laughs, but he has.

The story begins when Paolo and his friends get their hands on a “free” Yamaha XS 650 that they believe needs only, “Some WD40 and a tune up.” (Right, it was free for a reason pal.)  Freely admitting, “We don’t know what we’re doing.” they boldly forge ahead with their project.  The “tune up” quickly goes sideways and evolves to a full blown “rebuild” of the Yamaha.  The path to the end of the project is littered with dirt, rust, broken parts, sex, a Craig’s List search, and divorce.  In other words, it’s pretty much typical of a first time build.

It doesn’t matter if you are building a chopper, bobber, cafe racer, or doing a ground up restoration, your first time is always the hardest.  You laugh, cry, the grease gets under your nails, and your blood on the parts, the first IS your baby, and you never forget.  Having lived through a few builds myself, and suffered the same mistakes, this is like looking into a mirror.  I can truly appreciate the journey made by Paolo and company, I’ll watch it and smile, thinking back to those days when…..  well…. if you’ve ever been there, you know.  Enjoy the film… video…. never mind, just watch.

Mini Review By: Terry Cavender

Short Film/Video/Whatever By:  Paolo Asuncion, and Vargas Films