Video: Vincent Ride Around America 2013

This is a video interview with Burt Welleford about his planned trip around the lower forty-eight United States to benefit The Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. You can hear the love he has for his father and grandfather in his voice as he speaks about them. I am particularly touched by the fact that he always carries a photograph of his father and grandfather together in the tax document holder on the Vincent.

This is a great video, beautifully filmed by Yarold Benavides, with original music by Maya Shea Speights.

Burt’s Links:

Burt’s Face Book Page Vincent Around America, you can subscribe and keep up with Burt’s progress as he rides around America.

This is Burt’s page for the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital where you can make a donation to the charity.

Speaker:  Burt Welleford

Video By:  Yarold Benavides

Music By:  Maya Shea Speights

Editorial By:  Terry Cavender

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