Welcome To The Biker’s Garage

It doesn’t matter what you ride, a sport bike, dirt bike, tourer, cruiser, chopper, bagger, or bobber, at some point we have all found ourselves in the garage with a wrench in our hand and grease under our nails.  Traditionally, motorcycle riders like to do their own maintenance, repairs and modifications, it’s a part of our personal involvement with the machine.  From the simple things, changing oil, or adding an accessory, to the complex, like building a completely custom bike, it’s being done every day, by motorcyclists all over the world.  The Biker’s Garage is dedicated to those of you out in your garage, shed, basement, backyard, driveway, or wherever, with wrench in hand, pursuing your two wheeled passion.

Terry Cavender, Editor, The Biker’s Garage.